Next Steps

It's pretty much impossible to get to know people you only see one hour per week. Thankfully, we have a remedy!

Discipleship Groups

Whether you're just checking things out, or ready to build some new friendships while learning more about God's word, you need to join a Discipleship Group.

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We're so happy that you're worshiping with us, but there is something even bigger than that. It's your decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.


Click the button below to learn more about the most important decision of your life.

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After you have put your faith in Christ Jesus, we call it being "reborn" and we celebrate that with baptism.


We are excited that you are considering being baptized. We'd love to answer any questions you have and hopefully celebrate your baptism with you!

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The bible describes the church with words like, "family" and "body" because being a member of a local church is essential to your growth as a christian.


Whether you feel like WBC is where you are supposed to be, or you still have some more questions, we'd love to talk to you about becoming a part of our church family.

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"And He sat down and called the twelve. And He said to them, “if anyone be first, he must be last of all and servant of all" -Mark 9:35

Service to God is at the very heart of a Christians life. Your spiritual growth, as well as the health of your church, depends on your service.


How has God uniquely equipped you to serve Him through your church? We would love to help you find out.

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There are several ways to worship God. One of those is in our giving.


"How much do I give" How often? Who should I give to?" We want to answer all of your questions about giving.

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